Slowing down...

Do you ever feel like you get into a major rut in everyday life? I really struggle with getting really monotonous- the bad kind of monotonous- in our routines. I start to dread the next day because I know I will be grouchy the whole time because everything I do seems fruitless.

It's when I'm getting into that sour attitude I eventually realize the reason why I feel so frustrated is because I'm focusing on everything I *do* around the house

Changing sheets.
Sweeping up crumbs.
Filling seemingly empty-bottomed sippy cups.

Starting a load of laundry to see at least three more behind it.
Picking up, picking up, picking up.

Each thing seeming to be yet another meaningless task.

I get caught up in wanting my house to look neat and tidy all the time. I think in my head, "I'm not asking it to be perfectly sparkling or for their not to be toys out... I just want to be able to have some semblance of cleanliness around here!"

But I quickly get to where I switch roles. I quit being the stay at home mom and focus on being something else... I'm not even sure what to call it. It's definitely not "home-maker" though. It's more like "Virginia's House of Serenity Now- No Kids Allowed" maker.

I don't want my kids to remember that all their mom did was clean or grump at them for messing up HER house. I want them to remember it as home. A comfortable, welcoming home, to all of their things and activities. I don't want them to feel like they are intruding.

Kerry Lynn linked this article about this feeling yesterday, and boy oh boy did it strike home. If you have a hard time striking that balance, or feeling like no one ever notices... read it.


This has nothing to do with the above musings, but I felt I needed to leave you with some sort of picture!

This was a layout I did for AccuCut's CHA-W 2009 booth. I used the new Ribbon Heart Die and also their scalloped border die. You can go here to see some more pictures from their booth!


Make sure to come on by the Noel Mignon message board tomorrow! We kick off our Valentine's online crop in the morning... I have a make & take I'm dying to share with you!



  1. yep i feel ya...and i think everything you said is spot on with me too...i was actually going to do a post myself about this...i'll just refer them to your blog...LOL

  2. Thanks Virgina...I sooo needed that. more than you know..but apparently God knew. :) Thank you for being real with us and sharing our struggles as moms!

  3. Man, I so needed that, too!!! I was just feeling that way not 2 days ago! It's a constant struggle with us moms...either we spend a bunch of time with the kids and feel guilty about the housework or vice versa. I struggle with that all the time!! It's true what they say, we do have the hardest job (but the most rewarding!)

  4. Hey girl thanks for opening up and being so honest. Of course I feel this way too--much too often. It's nice to know I'm not the only one in the boat! Thanks for the encouragement!

    Okay, now that layout. It makes me sound like a broken record, but DANG! That's just tooooooo precious of Sabriel! WOW! Now I'll have to come get that die from you so I can lift this LO! (which means I get to come see you :D ) Seriously though, it's really gorgeous! I LOOOOVE the way you mixed the die-cut with the cardboard with the ribbon and OA!!

  5. Thanks for the article V! Boy do I know what you're talking about here! :-)

    LOVE the layout with Sabriel....it is darling!


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