The Mommy

So last week, the kids came home from Sunday School with these little people puppets. They have been much played with, for all their being just a little paper doll on a popsicle stick.

A few days ago, I hear Emerson and Atticus arguing. Apparently, Atticus thinks Emerson has his.

He keeps yelling, "Give me my daddy!!! Give me my daddy back!!"

I go in there before fists start flying and try to figure out what's going on.

Emerson explains to me, "That's not his daddy! That's a mommy!"

"See? She's got boobs!"

Oh dear.

(I also love the expression on her face.)


  1. Well, she DOES!! lol

    Oh my goodness, that's too funny!!!

  2. HA! That is so funny! I LOVE the mommy's face too. She doesn't look very happy AND I think the boob placement was very funny :) It makes me want to sing, "Do your boobs hang low" hee hee. Maybe I shall teach Emerson that song next time I see her. JUUUUUST KIDDING!!! No worries ;)

  3. I guess at that point you just walk away and let the fists go if they will. How do address that one! LOL You have to love the world according to children's eyes.

  4. bwahahahahaha! That's CLASSIC! brought a huge smile to my face! :)

  5. And I love the fact they are by her waist..... yep, that's a mommy..

  6. OH SO definately the mom! The BLEEHHH face and boobs. That could be me!! Precious artwork.

  7. When I first saw the pictures I thought those could be ovaries...But I think it's funny they sag too! That is very cute! Wonder how Atticus would explain that it was the dad...

  8. THAT is hilarious! Gotta love that little Em.

  9. Oh my - that is HILARIOUS! And so something my girls would do...


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