Quick & Easy Gifts

You may have seen me do these before; they are such a quick & easy way to make a personalized gift for someone!

I just use the small $1 photo albums and take out the cardboard covers inside, and make my own decorative covers. I used the December Scripts kit to make these.

We gave these to my kids' mother's day out teachers today, and they just loved them!

(I added the '08 stickers from my stash.)

You can tell I used roughly the same design on all three to make it easy on making them.

I learned how to make this little Christmas tree out of a scalloped circle punch from a video on youtube. You can see it here: [Video Tutorial]

I am totally addicted. I love 'em!

P.S. I've been Scrapjacked!!!!!


  1. adorable! adorable! adorable! I too will be making these now, and for the record, I like your scalloped tree better than the demo! ;) Oh, and CONGRATS on the scrapjack! how awesome! :D

  2. Oh how funny, I'm working on the EXACT same thing! I'm putting Xmas pics of the kids from every year as a gift for the grandparents. Of course, yours are cuter than mine will be :)

  3. those are so cute. what kind of albums do you use though? I need to make some of these!!! congrats on the scrapjacked!!

  4. These are so cute, V!! Congrats on being 'jacked!!!

  5. cute, cute, cute! might have to actually participate in the jack this go round since it's you who has been jacked =)

  6. You already know that I think you are super creative! These are so cute.
    Now don't laugh, because you know this blogging things is new to me... but knowing you know how to do this, I figured you were the one to ask...how do you put a link on your page without the link - you put people's names and it links to their page. I have tried to figure it out and I have failed. HELP!!!

  7. oh I am so going to make these V -- I love them!


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