...Mother's Day means being woken up at an ungodly hour being jumped on by four kids.

...Mother's Day means grumpy kids pitching fits before church.

...Mother's Day means spilling rice out of handmade flower pots more than once.

...Mother's Day means cleaning up various bathroom accidents multiple times.

...Mother's Day means not being a perfect mom and getting grouchy and wishing she hadn't been.

...Mother's Day means the Boy making faces like this during half of our pictures:

It's not glamorous. And it's not always sweet.

But just like getting a perfect shot like this one in all the craziness, that's what being a mom is like. Those random, amazing moments of clarity that really and truly balance out the insane, and remind me that this is more than a job or a routine... it's who I am and who I was created to be. 

So sometimes Mother's Day means painting tiny toes pink.

And getting handmade cards and gifts that say things like, "You ar the best mom evr!" 

And my husband trying hard to make sure the load is off of me for a day. 

And swinging in a hammock with your scared 4 year old while a thunderstorm rolls in. 

And laughing at your kids call "Old Maid," "Old Navy/Old Mole/Old Brain" as they figure out how to play it. 

And painting white paint on little hands to make something to remember their smallness.

It is a great gift to be a mom. There are way too many days when I completely forget that. But I am really, really grateful for being called mama. 


  1. Oh, how I can relate and felt so similar yesterday. This post was absolutely beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing:)

  2. I love the mason jars! What paint did you use and did you let the kiddos paint the inside? love this post. i can so relate!

    1. Thanks girl! :) I just used some acrylic craft paint I had on hand. I painted the inside of the jars... at first I tried to swish the paint around but it wasn't working so well so I just used a foam paintbrush to spread it around. The yellow jar I spray painted the inside because we did this for a craft at our Mom's Day Out too and I had that one left extra. I'm not sure how well the paint will do if I use these as vases, so if I were to do that, I would probably put a small cup inside to fill with water rather than putting the water directly inside of the jar. I'm using mine right now with battery operated tea lights and they are so cute!

  3. I love this pic! I've always loved that dark hair on you! Here's story. When dad was in Germany, you and i lived with grams. I guess dad was going through some kind of stress that kept him from calling me or writing me. I had bills due and didn't want grams to have to pay them and no check was in the mail from him.
    That night, at my "eleventh hour" i prayed and fasted. I said, "Lord, I don't want to leave this precious little girl at home while I go to work. I really don't want to but I can't expect my mom to foot my bills."
    So that night, I decided that the next morning, I would go apply for a job. (the job market was way better then. I might have actually found a job! LOL!)
    And I also prayed a desperate prayer, "If she is important enough for me to stay home with her, let there be a check in the mail box tomorrow. In Jesus, name, amen>" I also fasted that day and night.
    The next morning...yep...you guessed it. Check was in the mail box.
    Love Mom..
    P.S. Trust in the Lord, with all of your heart and lean not unto your own understanding.
    Submit our ways to Him and He will make your paths straight.

  4. Oh yes...Carley got in trouble for hitting Gavin for no reason and Gavin was wiping his boogers on Carley in the back seat on the way to church...Those crazy moments are our every day but we wouldn't change it for the world. Happy Mother's Day!!

  5. Is using spray paint better and quicker than the acrylic paint? I work at a daycare and we will be making about 20-30 of these!

    1. Yes, I would say so! I make them every year with my MDO preschool class and the spray paint is cute and fast!

  6. I love this! Planning to do this project for Mother's Day for the grandmas! Thanks for sharing about real life!

  7. How To Do Make This?

  8. I love this idea for Mother's Day. Using it for my 2year olds. Thanks so much!!


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