When the rain makes your internet go out...

what do you do?

Well, you read good books. 
 You light yummy candles. (I love that Bath & Body Works has the 3 for $5 small sample sized candles! They are perfect for trying out new scents.)

You scrapbook.

Created for NoelMignon using the sold out Study Hall kit. 

Created for Lily Bee Design using Picket Fence, This & That, and Stationery. 
 You organize your closet.



 All my tops are rolled and sorted by color in the bins; greens & blues, pinks & purples, blacks & neutrals, browns and yellows. 
 (We have a super small closet, and we're lucky to even have one! Our house was built before closets were popular. Crazy, huh? This hanging down shoe organizer is something I should have bought a long time ago. My closet is so much more tidy now. I love it.)

And that's what you do when the internet goes out! :) Maybe it should happen more often? Ha! May it never be!

I am thinking about taking a day each week to be "disconnected." Do any of you do it? What day do you pick- one that you know you'll already be busy on and you won't miss it as much, or another day where it's more noticeable?


  1. Ahhh, organization. My other hobby...looks great!

  2. Love the color coding in the bins. I color code my hanging clothes, but my bins are in category like tank tops, short sleeve, etc. I think I'm going to try the color instead to see if I stay clean longer in my closet.

    I tend to not go online a lot either Saturday or Sunday, sometimes both days. We have one main computer, so the kids use the computer a lot on the weekends. It helps me not get overloaded though & get stuff done.

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