It's that time of year again....

the Craft & Hobby Association show is right around the corner, which means all the crafty companies are releasing their new lines!

I think I like the summer show the best, because that's when we see Autumn/Halloween/Christmas/Cozy sorts of lines. My faves!

Here's the first one from Lily Bee Designs - Memorandum! I see it as kind of a companion line to Stationery- timeless and easy to use with everything! It's even got a few additions to Stationery in it!

To go win the full line- click here!


  1. Love what I'm seeing so far too! I think this is my favorite show as well...love the shabby, cozy peeks! Can't wait to see all your beautiful work this week! :)

  2. Ok, that's my FAVE line from them!!! Love it!


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