Lily Bee- This & That and Stationary *CHA-W 2011*

Lily Bee's third new release is called This & That, and I absolutely love it. The bright happy colors and timeless patterns are perfect. And make sure to stop by the blog to see the awesome new stamps & alphas with the lines... the ones from this line are possibly my faves!!

I made two matching little hook racks with these lines... with all the jackets and backpacks and purses and "rainbrellas" in this house, we can always do with some more hooks!

This line... this line.... is PURE genius! It's called stationary, and it's nine colors of this subtle polka dot print on one side, and a light graph on the other. It's absolutely perfection.

(I used a bit of "This and That" on here too.)

Make sure to hit up the Lily Bee Designs blog for a chance to win these lines!


  1. Seriously, could these BE any cuter? LOVE that stationary LO! I think my heart stopped beating for just a sec.

  2. That's adorable! I LOVE that LO and seriously, Stationary? I'm not sure I'll ever need any other paper! lol ;)

  3. i thought that looked like your style over at lily bee! congratulations these are awesome!

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