In which I give some answers and do a little sneaking...

Thanks guys on the comments about my Christmas decor below! I'll snap some more pics tomorrow of the rest of the house. I just love this time of year. *happy sigh*

That reminds me- a while back, on "The Ol' Room Switcheroo" post, I had a couple of questions. Sorry for answering them so late!

gssfam said...

I ABSOLUTELY love it! :D Great job! I wonder if you would do a post on your scrap space? I saw a shelf with scrappy stuff...I have limited space but I have ended up spreading throughout the house! :D

I will give you a whole blog post about that soon! I have limited space too, so I can share with you what I do- if you share yours! :)

Sarah Rose said...

Oh my goodness, I adore your playroom! I have been longing to put one together, yet not wanting it too look...well... obnoxious. You may have given me the inspiration I need! Do tell, though... what do you have rigged to hold the dress-up clothes?

Thank you so much! The old one was a little obnoxious, but the new one is working PERFECTLY for us. I love it!

Our little dress up spot is just some of these doo-hickeys that hold up little curtain rods, and then an adjustable curtain rod. They are screwed into the wall (I know, horrors) and hold up decently well, although the little metal rod gets kind of wonky sometimes with the weight of all the clothes. I think I am going to replace it with a dowel rod since it'll be a little sturdier. It's worked well for us for a long while now, though, and it gets a lot of use.

This question reminded me of a great blog post I read yesterday about Designing With Kids In Mind. I really liked what she had to say, especially about bedrooms being designated places to relax.

Okay, so those questions are taken care of- any else that I need to answer that I've forgotten?


In other news.... here's a little sneaking at my very favorite kit to ever exist.

And how could I not love it- it's named Very Virginia.

Yes. After me. Yes. I am freaking out.
And it gets better (or at least, I think it does!)!! I'll be teaching a companion class. I'll be sharing some more tidbits about it this week!

Oh- and of course, this kit is from the fabulous NoelMignon.com :) Subscribe to her newsletter by emailing her at noel@noelmignon.com or "like" her on facebook to keep up to date on all the latest news!


  1. DUDE! I'm so totally going to buy this kit and take the class...because I love you and your scrappy style so so much! :-)

  2. Named after you? That is so cool, Virg!!!

  3. Thanks for the kind words on my blog, so sorry you lost your papaw when you were so young, i was very lucky to have had mine in my life for 30 years, yes i wish it would of been a lot longer, i always told him he would outlive me, i just never wanted him to go. even on the day he finally passed it killed me but i realize i was just being selfish wanting him to stay with me as he is in a much better place and free of all the terrible pain he was in. I do talk to him still on a daily basis and i know he is up there listening to me and watching over us. Now i am dreading my supergran going, she is my best friend, but i know she has not been the same without pops, and atleast they will get to be together again, 54 years married, so hard to imagine that loss


I'm so glad you decided to leave me a comment today! Thanks for taking the time to stop by my little corner of the world. :)


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