Christmas Decor: our bedroom mantel

We are lucky enough to live in a home that has a few architectural elements, including a fireplace/mantel in our bedroom.

It's one of my favorite spots to change up the decor.

This is how it looks this year for Christmas:

The stockings (aka a bunch of the littles' mismatched socks) are strung up with Baker's twine. Each stocking has 3 Hershey's kisses in it. It's our countdown calendar... but I've forgotten to put numbers on them of course. And I may or may not need to go refill some of the stockings. Hehehhe
You can see that the frame on the "y" in "JOY" is cracked. I accidentally dropped it. I need to try to glue it back together. I figured it was kind of symbolic of the fact that sometimes joy can come from brokeness.

I'll share some pics of the rest of my Christmas decor soon!


  1. Very cute, Virginia. That's such a cute idea with the sock countdown. Thank you for the kind words you posted on my blog the other day. It really meant a lot to me coming from such a talented designer.

  2. Can I tell you how cute those socks are? That is too cute for words!!!!!

  3. Christmas gone away. But You have decorated your fireplace really nicely. I think that You were lucky, Because I have bought fireplace after Christmas.


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