'Til We Meet Again...

I figured I should go ahead and blog about this so that there aren't any questions about it (because, you know, I'm sure you guys worry about the minutiae of my life- ha!).

I got a bittersweet email from Tim Holtz over the weekend with the sad news that he is ending his design team. It just wasn't a good fit for his needs right now- there's a LOT of work that goes into running a design team, and the busy fella is running himself around all over the world teaching classes and being his creative self. He's already got tons on his plate, much less managing a design team. So he made the difficult decision to end the team.

One of the things that I have learned about Tim in the brief time that I've been able to work with him, is that he has a commitment to excellence. You can just tell in all the things he does... from the little tags he creates to running his business, quality abounds in every detail. I really appreciate that about him, and admire it. Even in his announcement blog post about this sad decision, he did it with excellence and detail. It was really sweet to read his thoughts about each designer.

So, while this is a little bit of a farewell to the team, it is not an end to the journey. I will still use all my favorite Tim Holtz products (can you even BE a scrapbooker and not own at least one of his inks?!)... and you may see a project for Tim Holtz pop up here from time to time. ;)

Thank you, Tim. You are a class act and I cannot express enough how honored I was to be on the "one and only- first and last- Tim Holtz Design Team."

(Tim Holtz Ornate Plates, Tim Holtz Tissue Tape- Traveler & Symphony, Tim Holtz Trimmings- Rosettes.)


  1. awww, what a bummer. But I love what he wrote about you :)

  2. sorry, babe! glad you had the experience tho! and loving that book, or cover or whatever it is! lol


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