Kiddos' Bedroom Wall Art- Girls' Paperie (On Holiday)

I've been doing a lot of "nesting" projects lately (no, I'm not expecting a baby.... just the holidays!). It has been so nice to purge our home of unnecessary items and make sure that everything has a *place.*

So, because I couldn't leave well enough alone, I rearranged Emerson & Atticus' room on a whim the other day. They share a room that is teeny tiny, and has no closet. Fun times! It drives me cuh-razy to walk past their room because it seemed so dark & cluttered.

Before I get to those pics, I want to show you guys something I made for their newly rearranged room:

This is a canvas (I actually found one at the thrift store for $3) covered in old book paper (a mixture of children's etiquette and a Mary Poppins book). I then handcut each letter out of the "On Holiday" line from Girls' Paperie. I was going to use my Silhouette machine, but then I thought that a handcut, uneven, haphazard look would go along with the whimsical feel I was trying to create. I really like this line because it is fairly masculine, but it has a few, tiny touches of pink in it which is the perfect balance for a shared boy's and girl's room.

Each letter is matted on kraft cardstock to give a cohesive touch to the whole thing.

And here are the pics of the room. Before:
(Just keeping it real. I could have made their beds and made it look perfect, but come on. We know it doesn't look like that most of the time!)
I discovered that putting all their stuffed animals in a basket on top of their shelf, rather than just sitting on the top of the shelf, helped them look a lot neater. I also really dig those gigantic Itso canvas bins from Target. They are very sturdy and great for the kiddos to throw all their junk in.

I also removed a small school desk and two toy bins from their room. They have yet to notice that they are even missing. It makes a world of a difference! Because there is no closet in this room (old home), the dresser tucks neatly behind the door and we hung a shelf a while back that doubles as a place for their hanging clothes. And yes, it's bugging me that it's all messy looking. But it's ten thousand times better than it did look. Hooray!


  1. Just wanted to say that your contributions to Tim Holtz's Design Team were very inspiring! Good luck in the future!

  2. ooooh i love the alpha canvas! i mean, you rock the haphazard like no other! :)

  3. Love your project! So colorful and fun! :)

  4. LOVE that wall art!!! Also love that you didn't make the kids beds! hehehe ;) Is that a CARS blanket I see on Atticus' bed? Zeke has one he won't sleep without but it's just a little toddler sized one.

  5. I love this canvas! I think the decision to go haphazard was the right one!

  6. oh my goodness i LOVE that canvas! May have to lift that!!!!

  7. I adore the abc collage!! Just came across your blog today and I'm in love! So many fun ideas!

  8. I adore the abc collage!! Just came across your blog today and I'm in love! So many fun ideas!

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