Various Things on a Friday.

#1. I'm the featured artist on the By Hand Boutique blog today. Go check it out- you can see a few of the items I'll be selling! And come shop at By Hand Boutique Market of Homespun Goods the weekend of November 12th & 13th! It's only one exit past the brand new Shops at Grand River. :)

#2. Come swing by the NoelMignon.com blog today to check out another layout I made with the Sleepy Hollow kit. While you're at it, you can hop on the message boards to find out all the details about the upcoming "Dear Diary" kit!

#3. I recently was given these cool old frames and I knew exactly what I wanted to do with them. I painted this one with my favorite green acrylic paint, tied hemp across the back (because I couldn't find my wire!) and hung it up in my bathroom. The hook contraption on the bottom is actually a shower organizer of some sort that I bought from the Dollar Tree years ago, and it is perfect for my necklaces.

Total cost of this project was FREE because I had everything on hand. Looking in my bathroom makes me so happy to see this bright, colorful piece. :) And it sure does make going in there to clean up poop out of the tub just a wee bit more glamorous. ;)

*Don't forget about my giveaway below! You have 'til Saturday, Oct. 23, at 6pm to enter! I'll do the drawing on Sunday!

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  1. You never cease to amaze me! Honestly! I wish I could know you in person!


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