Abide (and a giveaway!)

Today was one of these kinds of days.

Poop in the bathtub. A busted lip. A little girl into some tea tree oil (by the way, apparently it tastes gross. Shocker, I know.). A forgotten trip to the grocery store. Tears, tears, and more tears. And it wasn't all just Sabriel, who is often the source of the crazy in our home, but not always.

But today, by God's grace alone, somehow, I managed to not really lose it. Yes, there were moments. Not as many on my part as usual, though. I think this post on Ann Voskamp's blog that I read last night were lingering in my heart. And God's grace was moving in our home.

I know this is kind of a meandering post, and yes, my brain is a little bit here and there, but it does all come together in a moment, I promise.

I was working on this project today in some of the calmer moments of naptime, and the word "abide" kept coming back to me.

This was made with all four of the Girl's Paperie lines available; papers from On Holiday, Toil & Trouble, and Tinsel & Twig, and Embellishments from Paper Girl & Tinsel and Twig.

I handcut the letters out of some corrugated cardboard I had on hand. I wanted it to look really handmade to contrast with the more structured look of the rest of the project.

The clip on the top is to add photos or verses to, and rotate them out.

Alright so if you've stuck with me this far, I have a little prize for you! Leave a comment here (make sure there's a way for me to get in touch with you!) and I'll send one lucky reader a set of these awesome Girls' Paperie Toil & Trouble acrylic stamps, just in time for you to use on some Halloween projects next week!


  1. I have had many of those type of days too Virgina!! (And I'm sure there are more to come!!!)... I love your project with the girls' paperie! Hopefully tomorrow will be brighter day for you :)... my contact info: luvalotdaycare@yahoo dot ca

  2. I have had many of those days too... I love your project with the girls paperie!! Hope tomorrow is a brighter day for you! luvalotdaycare@ yahoo dot ca

  3. I hope things get better tomorrow and you get more scrapping time! love you work..my email is photographer388@gmail.com

  4. My baby's 14 now and while there are no longer any screaming me-mes with busy fingers in my house, we now have At-ti-tude with fashion sensibilities. Sigh. Truthfully? Screaming me-mes and busy fingers are WAY easier!
    Zanne zannesart [at] live.com

  5. very interesting porject you have there (: tks for sharing & the giveaway!

  6. contact: siajuanna@hotmail.com

  7. As a mom of 3, I can relate to those type of days. Those are the days I just wanna hide out in my scrapbook room!

    Your Girls Paperie project is really cute, love that frame you have it in!

    Just in case, I may actually win something...here's my email: melaniestanczyk@wi-net. com


    PS. Just remember if today was really bad, tomorrow gotta be a better day...right!?!?!?

  8. There must have been something in the air because it was the way here between ALL of us...adults and all! So glad today is a new day! So glad I do not have these days alone! Great giveaway! :D

  9. I love your abide window creation...so beautiful! I had one of those days yesterday too--can't wait to read that article you posted. Love the stamps--especially the silouhettes!

  10. We've had those days too! My hubby was the one who encountered the "poop in the bathtub" ordeal. :) Hang in there!

    Your window and banner are awesome!

  11. I love your window!! My kids are married and gone, and I look back at days when they were small with fond memories. The poop in the tub will be one of those so hang in there.

  12. Your project looks good.


  13. Virginia..love all that you do...that window is awesome! Thanks for sharing and inspiring us!


  14. I lose it with my one child, I think you are a super hero with 4! They are absolutely beautiful children! lcox @ stellarone.com

  15. Those days are tough! But when you look back & see that you were able to make it through, you feel amazing!TFS!

  16. Great post. Looking forward to the next one.


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