Sometimes I forget that you guys don't always get a whole picture of me. Which is one of the disadvantages of blogging sometimes. Unless you are very, very focused on being 100% authentic about everything you represent sometimes, you can often only focus on the good attributes about yourself.

Or avoid posting the unsavory parts.

So in case anyone has any misconceptions about me being the kind of mom that has it all together, here is proof that is not the case:

Been trying to catch up on home matters this week... :)


  1. I think your little angel has been busy too!

  2. LOL Cool post! I am pretty sure you are a great mom but with kids...this is pretty normal :D

  3. Love it! The look on her face is perfect :)

  4. wait! why are you posting pics from my house on your blog??!!! :) :) :)

  5. I too have a little girl room and a little boy room that looks like that ooooooohhhhhh about 99.9% of the time! LOL!! She's gonna love that pic and the look on her face when she grows up!!! :)


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