Accordian Flower & Masking Tape Flower Tutorial

My friends Deanna and Phyllis have been asking me to show them how to do a couple of flowers, so I finally made a video for them tonight. Hope y'all don't mind that I combined it into one tutorial!

(This image is from the Creating Keepsakes facebook page; these giant blooms were spotted at Creative Escape.)

(This image is from a tutorial on adhesives that I did for Noelmignon.com. I'm demonstrating in the video how to make the flower on the far right out of masking tape. I got the idea from fellow design team member, Britt, and her video on how to do them with decorative tape. )

I used the Girls' Paperie "Paper Girl" line for my samples in the video. Hope y'all enjoy! Please ignore my raspy voice; normally I don't sound like I'm a chain smoker... I've just had bad allergies this week! :)


  1. A huge THANK YOU Virginia! You're so sweet & those flowers are gorgeous! I'm inspired! :) Phyllis

  2. Virginia,
    I love these flowers. I had read that you made masking tape flowers but did not know what they were.

    Thanks for sharing your great ideas with us.

    Linda B.

  3. Thanks Virge! You're the video masta! Off to find some masking tape--I'm finding most stores don't carry it for some reason. grrrr!

  4. ya know, I had a hard time finding masking tape, too!! I thought it was just me! Great video as always :)

  5. WOW, those flowers are awesome! I am SO happy I stumbled upon your blog and found this post!!! I can't believe you used masking tape!!! Amazing!!!! And it turned out to be a beautiful flower! When you were done w/ that flower, my jaw just dropped!
    And that pleated flower is just fantastic! I had seen those flowers, but apparently they are a secret to learn how to make! Thank you so much for spelling it out and showing us!!!

  6. These look like fun....thanks for sharing

  7. Healthy food for the brain. Thanks for sharing!


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