Thanks, guys.

I just wanted to thank everyone for their kind words.

Grief is a strange beast that hits you at odd times...but it can be beautiful, too.

The beauty of dealing with grieving Dr. Greene is that there is so much hope in it:

Hope to see God continue to mold my heart to become a person like Dr. Greene (who was a person who was following hard after Jesus).

Hope in seeing a better glimpse of who God is like; seeing His mercy in small ways throughout a horrendous situation.

There are a lot of small windows into the soul that I saw this week...a lot of things I haven't fully processed, and several that feel too private to share just yet.

But I am so thankful, thankful that I was allowed to know Dr. Greene. Thankful that we have a Lord who weeps with us when we are in pain & sorrow. Thankful for hope.

(The link above is to Dr. Greene talking in chapel at my old college, SEBC. The topic of the day was :

“Jesus Wept. (John 11:35). What is more profound-having a God who
raises the dead or having a God who will weep with you in your pain?”

I find it so very comforting that God would lead Dr. Greene to teach about that a few months before his death, which would cause many of us to weep.

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