Freaky Friday (yes, I'm aware today is NOT Friday!)

Last Friday was the last day of the NoelMignon online crop, and my challenge was based on the old book/movie, "Freaky Friday."The challenge was to answer questions about your life now, and then "switch places" with yourself at 13 and answer those same questions. It was a cool way to reflect back on some changes in my life... and some things that have stayed the same.

I think my kids will enjoy looking back on this some day. This is one of the reasons I love to scrapbook: to communicate to my kids (and to myself) sometime at a later time. Like keeping a journal- except with pictures.

I was reminded this week of what is at the core of my scrapbooking when Dr. Greene passed away. I had multiple layouts from when I first started scrapbooking in college, and many of them included pictures & memories of his presence in my life.
My design sensibilities may have changed, but the reasons behind scrapbooking are much the same.
I'm thankful for this hobby.
(If you're interested in seeing the other layouts, you can click here to see them on my facebook.)

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  1. virginia, i LOVE this layout. i think it's a wonderful idea to document changes in ourselves as we grow older-- what an AWESOME thing for both you and you children to see!!!!


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