I love her baby legs

One of my favorite things that we do over on the NoelMignon.com message board is play "layout tag."

It starts with one person's layout as inspiration, and it gets emailed to someone to "lift it" with their own spin. Then that layout gets emailed to the next person, who then does the same. 10 or 15 layouts later, you have a scrapbook version of the game Telephone and a lot of really cool inspiration.

We usually upload them to a slideshow so you can see the evolution of the layouts. So very fun!

You can see them here- and you should come join our message board because we're getting ready to have sign ups again for another round!

Here's the layout I made- it's one of my most favorite layouts lately, too!


  1. so stinkin' cute!! the legs and the layout!!

  2. super cute LO! I'm a HUGE fan of baby legs too!!! In fact, Zeke is wandering around the house with some pink ones on his arms right now! lol ;)

  3. I love the layout...and I think that game you guys play is awesome! It is very cool to see how the layouts evolve!


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