Little Boy Jeans

*I hope to be back to a normal posting routine soon, but right now I am just kind of dragging. Counting down the days when I'm through with this first trimester- and nausea + constant tiredness.

I love, love, love the Inspired Blueprints sketches. I'd always admired sketches from afar, thinking, "That's a good idea. I should try sketches sometime," but I'd never really used them.

Noel shared the Inspired Blueprints link with us back when the site first opened, and something about their sketches really sucked me in! I am hooked! They are very approachable and always well designed- plus they are easy to adapt to your style and mood, as you can see that I've done!

This is my version of the IB sketch #11 for our latest challenge (using the Noel Mignon Nightingale kit- there are a few left!). The colors in this kit perfectly went along with these pics of my little dude- I've been wanting to scrap a layout about how cute he looks in his mini-Levis, and the Nightingale kit was calling my name!


  1. I've missed you!!! A LOT!!!!!!!!


  2. Love the lo! He looks too cute. Praying that you're feeling better asap...and not JUST for the selfish reason of being able to read your posts again! ;)

  3. I am so in LOVE with what you did with this sketch, V! Just perfect!

  4. Excellent layout Virginia!!


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