December Kit Sneak Peek!

Good gravy, it's nice to be back in my own home! :) After a Thanksgiving visit to the Hubs' family, me & the kiddos went on a spur of the moment visit to my Grams. We are back home now, all nestled safe in our beds, and ready to kick off the Christmas season!

As I mentioned before, I've been playing with the December Scripts kit, and here's a little sneak peek to tantalize you. It's been so fun getting my house all decorated for Christmas, and I love that I can incorporate my scrappy stuff into it!

Also, make sure to stop by the Noel Mignon challenge blog! We've got a bunch of cool card sketches up there from our design team to get you started on your Christmas cards (if you are one of those peeps that makes your cards... I don't do a ton of the handmade ones, but I try to send a few of those to my fam). This is my take on the sketch that I made for this challenge (made with the Winter Weather kit -sold out-).

I'm off of here to spend some time with the hubs... it's nice to be home, in the glow of our Christmas tree. I'm about to light a fire and make some hot chocolate. Does it seriously get any better than that?


  1. I just want to say.....

    You rock!

  2. all sorts of sarcastic comments going through my head right now...but since most of them would be innapropriate for your blog I will refrain ;)

  3. I am loving these pretties you made!

    I am also loving my Winter Weather SO much! What a fabulous amount of stuff!

  4. thanks for the inspiration I am finishing up last few of my cards so I can share later- happy day querida =0)



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