Christmas Traditions Class, v. 2.0

I made a few subtle changes to the album I am teaching at Wrapper's Delight. Here's the pics:

Just a few little things that I felt make the album better. :)

If you are taking the class, you will need to bring the following:

black or brown ink pad (your preference; I used black for my album, but either would work)
scrapbooking pen or marker
adhesive (tape runner, mini glue dots)
Crop-A-Dile (if you have one, but not necessary for the class)

If you are interested in purchasing a kit, you will need to call Scrap Etc. at (205) 985-9323 on or after Monday, Nov. 10th. Kits cost $25, plus shipping (if you are not local). Kits come with full color instructions.


  1. This album is awesome.....I cant make it to Bham this weekend so Im going to call and get a kit.

  2. V!

    I am so happy to be home! I got here around 2:30 this morning. I had a super great weekend. I know that from the inside you see every flaw, but as an attendee, I want you to know that weekend went without a hitch! It was so fun to watch y'all work, and I don't mean that bad... the teamwork is really amazing!

    I promise to not be a stranger!


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