I am STILL sick.

I have a huge aversion to going to the doc, but since I've had a bad cough now for three weeks, I'm finally giving in and realizing my body just ain't gonna kick this on its own. Heading to the doc tomorrow, hopefully will get some meds and I can get my butt back in the real world with my normal about of vim & vigor.

(I've always wanted to work "vim & vigor" into a conversation.)

New challenge up at Noel Mignon:

which coincidentally, has something to do with this:but you'll have to go here to see why. LOL

My submissions for the JBS Guest Designer contest. Crossing my fingers and all that jazz.


  1. Wow....your JB entires are so beautiful Virginia! Good luck!

    I'm so in love with our headshot gallery I can't stand it! LOL!!! :)

  2. Wishing you TONS of luck on JB - your stuff always rocks!! love the 'class portraits' - cute idea!! hope you feel better too!

  3. you should do that fro more often V! LOL! LOVE it! Glad to know you're finally going to Dr. Now I can stop nagging you about it! :) And those JBS projects? AWESOME! There's no way she'll turn those away! They rock! Get well soon my friend!

  4. layouts rock as always girl! hope you get some good meds tomorrow so you'll feel better fast!

  5. Those LOs are AMAZING!!!!! Good luck!

  6. I hope you get to feeling better soon V! Love your school LO and your JB ones are just blowing me away! I can't see how she could not chose you!!! =)

  7. You "yearbooked" yourself! I found that site the other day too, how funny. Mine is too rediculous to share. Hope you're feeling better soon :( Love the creations, seriously!

  8. Those Lo's are great! Good luck!

    Hope you get to feeling better really soon!

  9. Awesome layouts!!!! Good luck with the Guest Spot at JB!


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