Everybody's Doin' It!

Etsy shops, that is!

I'm so excited to tell you about this etsy shop-

Why Do You Hate Me

A very talented friend of mine (dude, talent abounds around me! And also- the Dude abounds. hehe Let me know if you get that joke, btw, and you will forever be considered in the inner circle with me.) just opened an etsy shop with her original works of art.

I love seeing people that I love pursue their dreams. :)


I'm off to teach my Ephemera class today. It's gonna be fun!


  1. Awww, thank you girl!!! You are the queen of INSPIRING people to pursue their dreams. And I am so glad I get that joke...whew.

  2. I so don't get that joke but so glad Michelle has started a shop!!

  3. Yes, I have finally started blogging. I know, I am slow at getting started, but I am enjoying it. I am learning a lot. Hopefully I will soon spice up my page, but that will be a while. I am glad we now have a way to keep in touch!

  4. well i know that the Dude abides, Lebowski... :)
    LOVE your picture!


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