On the Eve of the Breaking Dawn

Tomorrow night at midnight I will be going to Barnes & Noble's bookstore to pick up my copy of the 4th book in the Twilight series from Stephenie Meyer.

It's actually bittersweet to me in a couple of ways... one is the knowledge that this book is the last one from Bella's perspective, although it sounds extraordinarily promising that this is not the last we've heard of the Cullens.

Another is that, for several of the past few summers, I waited in line at B&N at midnight for another release of books... counting down the days, stalking websites, theorizing with friends.

I miss that. I think it'll be a long time coming before we have another Harry Potter in the world, but in the meantime, I'll cozy up at night with my cold vampy friends.

I will be looking forward to adding this to my collection:

And- oh yeah, and I'll be counting down the days to this:


  1. I agree! I never got into Harry Potter but I am LOVING this series. Jaelyn and I will be there as well! LOL

  2. I just finished Twilight today and am VERY impatiently waiting for New Moon to be available at the library. LOL

    Have fun reading Breaking Dawn!

  3. first - shame on you adrienne! not into HP? I'm shocked.

    And yes - I'm excited for this last book but it is sad - it's the LAST. I just hope it lives up to our expectations - I have a feeling SM will just blow us away and we'll love it that much more!

  4. I, the slow reader, just two days ago finished eclipse. Totally do not have time to devote another week's late nights to breaking dawn. But I fear the hoards of fans won't be able to keep quiet for those of us who don't read it the day it comes out. Sigh. So, are there others in line to read your copy once you finish with it?

  5. I am reading New Moon right now and am staying up every night very late reading....I am not even scrapping because I am sooo addicted!!!


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