Monday, Yuckday

Well, probably not "yuckday" per se, but it hasn't been promising so far.

Shaun started having vertigo yesterday and we left church early, and he's still not feeling well. I suspect it has to do with the stress of his job and the fact that our home life has not exactly been peaceful lately. The kids have been doing a stellar job of pushing us to our limits (lots and lots of accidents, lots of interrupted sleep, lots of crying).

I ended up having a killer migraine last night, and finished off the night hugging the porcelain bowl because I often get sick to my stomach when I have a migraine. I did sleep fairly well, though, once the migraine went away. I have been blessed by the fact that most of my migraines only last a day- I know poor souls who have them for several days. I can't imagine.

Kari Ann is coming over today to help out with the kids and to keep me company. I'm hoping to convince Shaun to call into work and go spend some time with one of his friends so that he can have maybe a fun day for once.

Sorry to sound so blue, it's just one of those rough patches in life where you seem to get hit in all directions.

I'll leave you with some layouts from last month's Twelve Fridays kit. I don't think I ever posted them here.


  1. Keeping you guys in my prayers.....we ALL have days like that!

  2. Hey V...I'm sorry. I will be thinking of you today and sending positive prayers your way. I've missed you and hope things look up soon!

  3. Girl...I feel your pain. I hope you and Shaun get better soon! The layouts are cute as always!

  4. I'm so sorry you're having a yuckday. Vertigo sucks too.

    But your bath monsters are VERY cute indeed!

  5. Love the layouts - of course! Hope your Monday gets better. We've had those days too - and it's no fun!!

  6. i hope tomorrow is better!
    sorry today stunk!


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