Sorry, folks!

It's been a rather busy few days and I've gotten behind on my blogging.

I'll be posting my "Workshop Wednesday" from ahem, last Wednesday, tomorrow, along with some layouts from my last kit with Crop Addict.

Sorry for the delay!

Oh, and I also wanted to tell you- in case you are having problems getting onto Etsy, I just did a little research.

Whenever I've tried getting ono Etsy in the last three days, all it's said is "server not found." I can go to any other site on the web except for Etsy, so I knew it wasn't my internet connection.

After googling it, I found this thread that gave a good explanation and some helpful tips. From what I can tell, Etsy changed their IP address and for some servers, it can take up to 24-72 hours to "find" the website again. You can manually go into your computer and change the DNS (not quite sure what that means), but for me, I'll wait another day or two to see if it will automatically change (like it's supposed to).

If you are brave enough to go into the computer and change it manually, check out the thread above to see how to do it. I believe the instructions are on page 2. Let me know if it works for you!

(Caveat: If I've used the wrong terminology on here, feel free to correct me. I'm just trying to pass on a bit of helpful info!) :)

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