(For those interested, Workshop Wednesday is again running a teensy bit late- it should be up sometime in the next 24 hours).

A few things to pimp to y'all:

My sweet friend Kari Ann, who I've mentioned on here quite a bit, has moved on from the salon she was working at and is hunting down the right salon for her to settle down at, but in the meantime, she's taking a break from the whole hairstyling gig.

What does this mean for you?

Kari is available to do nannying and babysitting. I suggested to her that she offer some sort of Mom's Day Out deal- she'll come to your house from certain hours once a week and give you moms a break. She's open to anything- just shoot her (or me) an email.

Her email is runwithscissors26@gmail.com,
or you can email me at 2blackflipflops@gmail.com for references.

She has also babysat for Katie Moellering, you can get in touch with her here.

She's an awesome babysitter- there aren't many people I trust my kids with, and I totally trust her. PLUS she's so fun and cute. :)

Ok, in other news:

two of my most favoritist scrapbookers and good friends are in the BHG Scrapbooks Etc. Ultimate Summer Challenge semi finals this week. PLEASE (even if you don't scrapbook) go vote for one of them here:


Do what I'm doing- because they are both so extremely talented, I can't decide which one to vote, so I'm going to vote one and then have the Hubs vote the other one from his work computer. I know those votes will cancel each other out, but I figure that if they see how many votes each gets, then the other one will make it to the semi finals next week. Clear as mud? Good.



  1. oh i have an idea - maybe we can hire kari ann to watch all the kids so some of us moms can get together and chill/scrap/hangout!!

  2. Aw, man! I have the worst time finding great babysitters! Do you think Kari Ann will fly out to Utah? ;)


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