Setting- after dinner.
Kids ate cheesy chicken & broccoli rice.
Must have bath.
The Hubs in is in our bathroom (we only have one- our house is 80 years old)

Me: Em, can you go knock on the door to the bathroom and tell daddy you all need to take a bath?

(Em runs to the bathroom, some sort of dialogue happens, and comes back)

Me: Well, what did daddy say?

Em: I tell daddy we need take a bath.

Me: What did he say?

Em: I tell daddy we need take a bath.

Me: Yeah, but what did daddy say back to you?

Em, with more inflection (why isn't this lady getting this?): I TELL DADDY WE NEED TAKE A BATH.

Me, sighing (why am I continuing to try to pursue this?): Did daddy say anything to you?

Em: I tell daddy we need take a BATH.

Atticus: Daddy home, mommy! Daddy home!

Just in case you ever wondered why conversations with me seemed so scattered or random. This is what I do all day long.


  1. WOW - this says something about Cole or Em - I'm not sure which :) I ask Cole a question and he gives me some random response that doesn't apply. I ask again and I get the same response. Repeat many many times!! So either Cole is behind, or Em's ahead - or maybe it's just what the kids plan to drive us crazy!

  2. Yep...toddler conversational skills. Gotta love them!

  3. LOL! The life of a mommy...how much fun we have everyday! :-)

  4. I feel your pain...or confusion! ;)


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