If you aren't,

you need to be.

What, that is?

Reading the Pioneer Woman's photography blog.

She does tutorials and tips a bajillion times better than I do.


Bonus: she's funny and her tutorials are not intimidating at the least. And she's got a set of free actions on there that are incredible.

Go forth and check it out.


  1. i love her blog!
    have you checked out her cooking one??

    ohhh yum*may!

  2. I agree. And I think I mentioned this in a different comment on your blog a while back. She's very funny.

  3. Hallo...(that's how they say it here in Germany). I have spent about 10 million hours on her site in the last two days, yes I know I should be site seeing...but I have been going CRAZY with what I've been learning...she makes it so easy. I will try posting some before and afters from what I've picked up from her site. Btw...thanks for getting me interested in photoshop. ;)I hope you are having a great week.

  4. I love the word bajillion! :-)

    Thanks for the tip, I'll check her out!


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