Make Stuff - a women's craft night at our church

For three years or so, I've had a dream to have a place for women to come together at our church and find some solace in other crafty ladies. In past experiences for myself, going to scrapbooking crops and retreat weekends, there have been deep relationships formed over the bits of paper and sticky glue. There is something to be found when women come together to create something with their hands, and find that their hearts bind together.

For three years, the timing has not been right for me for various reasons, and then all of a sudden, God opened the door and things aligned and instead of me pushing for something I wanted, I got swept into what I believe is a small part of God's plan for the hunger of the women in our church and community for deeper relationships. (Yes. That's a super long run on sentence. Sorry about that!)

For now, it is just once a month. I already saw small glimpses of how God can help us to walk alongside each other with the raw bits and pieces of artwork, mending, paint splatters, twines of yarn, hopes, and stories forming in our hands and hearts. 

It is so lovely and refreshing to share this time with likeminded women. I can't wait until next month! We do have plans for some of the evenings to be more structured (we have some projects in mind to work on together as a large group), but we will have them mixed in sporadically with the more open ended nights too. It was good for my heart, not because I was crafting and not because I was with other women, but because in that simple setting, the Gospel was whispered to me. 

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