You Are Loved

Have you joined Vine yet? It's a new app for your phone that helps you create simple six second videos. It's like Instagram but with little videos. It's so fun! Leslie Ashe & myself are already on there... (you can find me as Mrs_Caulfield.) It's a fun way to show snippets of a project you are working on too- here's one I did this week of this project:

And below is the final project, made with the Lasting Love & Soda Shoppe kits (they combine well together!).

The little banners in the Lasting Love kit are so cute draped across a frame.

The words are painted with mist and a fine tipped paintbrush. I love the way the letters are different gradients. 

This little Valentine in a frame will be going to a teenage friend of mine. I think it's such an important age to be reminded that regardless of who is taking you out (or not taking you out!) on Valentine's Day, you are loved. 

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