Inexpensive Owl Valentine Bags for Preschoolers

I teach a three year olds class at the Mom's Day Out at our church, and I was trying to come up with an expensive, simple project the kids could do for their "mailboxes" for Valentines day. After looking on Pinterest, everything that I found was either too hard to try to do with 12 preschoolers, or would end up costing too much.

I stumbled across this project from Oriental Trading Company, but didn't have enough time to order the pieces... but it DID give me an idea.

Enter my collection of scrapbook punches and two-for-a-dollar red gift bags from the Dollar Tree.

I helped the kids add on glue and they stuck the pieces on. My scalloped circle punches and pennant banner punches were perfect for the eyes and ears, and I freehanded the wings. A sparkly heart foamie sticker made a great nose! 

I love seeing all the little wonky eyes. They make me smile. We are really excited to use our bags on Thursday! 


  1. Those are super cute!! Love that they're all different

  2. just adorable- bet Mimi's 2nd grade class would love making these too!!


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