One of my best friends leaves tomorrow from here...

to here. 

For as long as I've known her (since college days!), their family has had the dream to move to Alaska, where her husband is originally from. It was one of those things that was brought up from time to time, but because they lived here for so long, I always would just shove to the back to my mind. 

But tomorrow is the actual, real day that this happens. And it's breaking my heart. I just got off of the phone with her for the last time at their home here. I won't dial that number any more. It blows my mind a little bit. 

We (several of their good friends and my hubs and I) threw them a going away party this weekend at my house. It was so fun and fallish and full of good laughs... but there was this moment, where I was sitting on the porch, just watching her and our friends and listening... oh, it hurt my heart to know that was the last time for that to happen. 

We have lots of good talks and lots of laughs together. 

I'm so grateful for modern technology and that we will be able to do much of that still. 

I love ya, Michelle, my belle. I'm so glad you came into my world. 

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  1. I'm so sad for you since I just went through the same thing. I hadn't known my friend for as long, but she was the closest friend I've had as an adult in a long time. We were just in denial the month before they left and acted like nothing was going to change!! But as I drove away from her house for the last time, I was heartbroken. We'd spent so many nights there playing cards, cooking dinner together, laughing at crazy stories. Nothing beats a really great friend!! I hope y'all can still keep in touch and be just as close! Miss you, friend!!


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