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This summer has been so busy, between weddings and baby showers and the like. This week is our VBS, Camp Cornerstone. Our theme this year is "Clues to the Kingdom!" After this week is over, all of my commitments for the summer will be over and it'll be time for our summer vacation for real! :)

When our children's director told us the theme, I couldn't be more excited. I wanted to be a detective from about the age of 5 or 6 until I was 12. I was obsessed. Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, Harriet the Spy, Encyclopedia Brown, Nate the Great, Sherlock Holmes... they were all childhood friends of mine. :)

Here's a few of our decorations:

My table in the crafts room: 

Me and the book my dad got me that started the obsession. I read this book many times.

Atticus dressed up like a detective... he did this all on his own this morning. 
I think I've passed on the sleuthing bug to him. :) 

We've got all the fun characters from CLUE this week... here's Em with Miss Scarlett:

And Sabby with Miss Scarlett, Mrs. White, Miss Midnight, and Mrs. Peacock: 

We have two more days to go; it's been a fun week! :)

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