Just some randomness from lately.

Did I mention this happened? 

Yeah. When scissors attack. *sigh* I guess every kid does it once? Right? 

We repaired it with a little bob cut. It's cute, but she was working hard at growing her hair out. Bless her. I couldn't get too mad because she was so sad. She told me, "I just wanted to look cute, mama." 

As if she needed help in that department. 


The kids have been working hard all week to get ready for a yard sale. 

They've had a lot of requests lately for different items, and so in an effort to teach them the value of a buck and how hard it is to work for something you want, we decided to assist them in running a yard sale & lemonade stand. They cleaned out their rooms, organized stuff, helped make signs, put it all out... the whole bit. I was pretty impressed with how hard they worked. 

Emerson made this sign for the lemonade stand. Oh my gosh, can you stand the adorableness? "Spakling" lemonade?! I'm framing this for my kitchen. (Thanks for the idea, Donnie!)

While we were outside, making some moolah, the littlest one enjoyed some daddy time:


This evening, I had a little mommy-daughter time with this chick:

We've had some little bumps along the way lately... just growing up stuff (on both of our parts) I guess. It was so nice to get out with just her and giggle and enjoy her. I love seeing her relaxed and happy and just being my little girl. 

While we were out, we saw this awesome double rainbow. I love seeing rainbows. I saw one the day of my dad's memorial service and it's such a sweet reminder of God's faithfulness, even through pain.

Our big purpose for going out was for Em to spend her yard sale cash. She's been asking for this beautiful doll and this was so fun for her to be able to purchase it herself. 

Oh and speaking of money, the Tooth Fairy has been dropping off lots lately at our house. I liked the extra touch of the pink sparkly nail polish this time. So did Em. ;) 

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  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all your pics!!! Your little ones are so adorable :)


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