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As I was getting my pics ready for Insta-Friday, I didn't think I'd have a ton. We had a stomach bug this week. Which means me not taking a ton of pics.

Btw, in case you've forgotten. Stomach bugs are the worst.

Anyways, onto the pics, which I was happily surprised to find I had more than I thought!

Monday was Memorial Day. Thinking about those who gave their lives for our country always makes me think of my dad. No, he didn't die in a military battle. But he served a very long time in the Army... my whole time I lived at home, he was in the Army. Can't help  but think about him.

A friend called me and we had an impromptu thriftin' trip. It was good for my heart... and my wardrobe! My two favorite local thrift stores are Lovelady Thrift Store and Big Saver, in case any locals are reading this. The thing about thrifting is going regularly... I might not find a good deal every time, but more often than not, I do! :) 

 I love these. The end.

A peek at my layout for Layout Tag on the NoelMignon message board. It's basically like playing a game of "Telephone," except with scrapbook layouts. Each person takes inspiration from the person before them in the game. It's such fun to watch the transition from layout to layout! 

I bought the game "Guess Who" for the kids. It's taken them a few days to really get the process of elimination concept, but now they love it! I like it because there are no pieces to lose. :) I'm also trying to work with Sabby on her articulation, and doing it with a game helps. 

Love it. 

A friend of ours is really into hammocks... he came and set this one up for me on our porch. I wasn't sure how much I would use it, but oh my word. LOVE it. It's so relaxing to sit in and read, or listen to the rain, or just chill out in after the kiddos have gone to bed. 

You can check out his website if you are interested... he has all sorts of colors. I told him he needs pink and he said he's working on it! ;) http://www.southernhammockcamping.com/

Had to go to the dentist earlier this week... bummer. But at least I got to wear a new thrift store find! 

My brother and sister and I went to my dad's to clear out some of the things we wanted to keep as mementos. Mom is planning on renting the house eventually so everything is going to be cleared out. 

It was not an easy chore. My dad was a collector, of all things Beatles, Tolkein, and golf.
 And he also was a bit of a clothes horse. 

A gift I made my dad a few years ago... 

Some of his handwriting (he had the coolest handwriting!). 

And while we got our things, my Grams and sis in law watched the littles. These two little rascals are 2 weeks apart. They are cute. And mischievous. ;) 

From last night- my kiddos at the table, working on their summer journals. I'll share more about them soon! :) 

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  1. awwww fun pics! love the hammock and your thrift store finds. and 'telephone' scrapping game sounds fun!


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