Every week on the NoelMignon message board, we try to do "Inspiration Mondays" with a theme that's inspiring us lately. Last week I did a nautical theme... here's a few of the images I shared:

I wanted to take the inspiration and actually DO something with it instead of just oooh and ahhhh at all the eye candy, so I pulled out my Jack & Jill kit from NoelMignon and made this page. It went along really well with this nautical inspired theme! The only thing I pulled from somewhere else was the map paper, and that came from the Primrose Lane kit. 

I really want to try to do one project a week this summer based on a piece of inspiration! I would love to see if you wanted to join along... it's a lot of fun and really stretches you to look at things differently. 

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  1. I have a little "Rogue' of my own and this will be something so much fun to create in my craft room from http://roomstogrowusa.web12.hubspot.com/hobbyrooom/.


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