A few Teacher Appreciation Gifts

It's teacher appreciation week, and boy do we really appreciate our teachers!

Our school sends out a little schedule for the week... different suggestions to send each day. I wanted to share a couple of ours so far; sometimes I hesitate to do this because I don't want to give the impression that I'm this mom that's got it all together. Believe me, I'm far from it! This is the kind of stuff we like to go the extra mile on though, and since the kids and I both enjoy it, it only makes sense to make it a little fun!

One of the days we were supposed to bring a flower/flowers. Since I have a black thumb ;) , we decided to whip up a little clip for their teachers. It's just a few flowers, buttons, and ribbon hot glued to an alligator clip. The kids wrote a note to go along with it. The teachers can clip it in their hair, on a jacket or a scarf, on a purse or bag, or whatever else! I really wanted to make some cute fabric ones but maybe next year!

Another day was to bring a salty snack. I grabbed some bags of Chex Mix and we made ginormous bag toppers for them. 

"Whoooo loves you? I do!" 

And then of course, silliness ensues. 

Oh brother. BOYS.

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