Today, I'm hopeful.

  • because it's my sweet love's birthday.
  • because it's a rainy day and those are the best.
  • because my library fine wasn't as bad as I thought it was, so now we're going to the library to get a fresh stack of books (and I'll swear once again that I won't let them be late).
  • because I finally went to the doctor after hacking & coughing 'til my whole body hurt and after 3 days of taking meds, I'm starting to feel normal. And not exhausted all the time. Yay! 
  • because I'm starting to feel creative again. And pinterest isn't a reminder of all the things I'm not doing, but of all the things I could do. 
  • because the Hudson Valley kit will hopefully arrive today. :) 
  • because every time I leave my house, my heart kind of swells up with awe at the God that created trees to change color in the fall, and the gorgeous contrast of colors I see in the blue sky, the white fluffy clouds, the golden rays of sunshine, the glow of yellow and red and orange leaves. 
  • because my hair is finally starting to get long again. 
  • because I know that God is faithful. I see His story wound in my friends' lives and my family's lives and mine. Even when I'm feeling discouraged, I am reminded by the patter of feet in my house and the leaves of the trees outside of my window. 

Today, I'm choosing hope. For the little things and the big things, and all the things in between. 

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  1. once again, you've almost completely read my mind right down to the library fees. hee! love you, friend!


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