Update- info about the indoor/outdoor rug

Several of y'all asked about the rug in the post below, so I just wanted to post this:

The item number for the rug is 147081 at Lowe's, however, when I called and asked if they had it at my store, the guy on the phone said they did not have it. Not to be discouraged, I drove up there anyways to see what else they had.

I had to ask around, and I happened to find a very sweet & helpful lady there that knew where all the rugs were. They had several different styles on sale for $17. Just check at your store to see! Ours also had a palm tree and muted zebra stripe pattern... but this one was the style I wanted, and I was super excited to find it. It's 5'x7'.

I found the info on the item number on this post at 320 Sycamore. Some of her commenters left information on different rugs too, I believe! :)

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