Summer Kids Crafts

I'm trying to make a conscious effort to do at least one or two crafts/art projects with my kids each week this summer. They love doing it, and although sometimes it's a big hassle, I think it's worth it.

The kids are actually calling me to come get out their watercolor paints right now, so I must go! But if you are wanting to see what we made last week, come by the Lily Bee blog to see a few fun crafts from us (and a couple of the other design team gals)!

Maybe you and your kiddos can get your craft on today. :)

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  1. i'm doing this with Mimi too & she's really enjoying it. we're totally into watercolor paints too! it is a mess but it's so worth it! can't wait to see more of what they're making! i also can't believe how much everyone's growing!!


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