Hair Stylin'

I was on pinterest the other day and through a variety of links, I found this video on how to do vintage style curls with NO heat.

It was VERY easy to do. It only took about 5 minutes to put up, and it doesn't have to be really precise. I do wish that I'd had some spray in gel or something like
that to use, and I'll probably grab some at the store to get for next time.

Here me and the girls are, with our hair put up for the night. This is how you have to wear it to achieve the curls.

Of course, the girls look ADORABLE like this:
....while I look like Grandma. Not the sexiest of hair styles for the hubs to come home to. ;)
BUT- this morning I took it out and it worked!
You can see the curls are pretty tight!
Here's Em's hair. It looks GORGEOUS, of course. :)

Next time I will make sure to use some gel to hold mine and keep away some frizz, and I need to make sure to do the back tighter because it didn't have as much curl. I will definitely be using this technique from now on.

(Oh, and Sabs took out her headband before she went to sleep, so we'll have to try hers again soon!)


  1. Love the curls - I watched her video and wonder what would happen if I did it - I'm thinking I'd have prettier curls - smoother, bigger. But since my hair is already curly, it could just end up looking all Shirley Temple on my! lol

    Y'all look super cute and it really does look like you spent an hour on it!!

  2. looks great! i'll have to try this with harper's hair ...

  3. Now, I love the way it looks on you girls! I tried it, but my hair is still a bit too short, so maybe wait a month or two! I love this technique!

  4. love it. i didn't use the gel when i tried but will next time and i may do mine somewhat damp. totally dry didn't work to well. although if i used the gel it may have. you and your girls looks cute

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