This week has been full of tears for me. Tears of joy and excitement, tears of sadness to see friends go.

I feel like any time I have a strong emotion, tears just leak out of me. It's frustrating sometimes. I imagine that being able to feel strongly can be good, but sometimes, I wish I could make it stop!

We have some very sweet friends of ours that are moving to Ireland.


They have been raising support nearly the whole time we've known them, so I've always had in the back of my head that we would have to say goodbye to them at some point... it's seemed to come all too quickly, though.
I hosted an "art night" at our church earlier this week so that the ladies could all get together with my friend Laura and her oldest daughter, Emma.
My friend has been such an inspiration to me... with her love for art, and books, and homemaking, and family, and friendship... but most of all, her single minded passion for Jesus.
It's exciting to see them go.
But boy, have I "leaked" a whole lot of tears at saying goodbye.

I'll miss teaching sweet Emma each Sunday in our class. I'll miss talking to her about music and hair styles and what Jesus is doing in her life. But I get to see her again in 2 months before she leaves to go to college, thank goodness. :)
I'll miss listening to all the ways Laura speaks wisdom and truth in my life; to find out book recommendations and to ask how she dealt with her kids in different ways... to see what she thinks about different situations and to hear her humble counsel. And of course, to get inspiration from her amazing fashion style and to talk about scrapbooking stuff.
Here's looking forward to a trip to Ireland to see my sweet friends.... :)

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