Bluebird Chic Giveaway!

I have the absolute fun honor of hosting a giveaway for my friend
Leah's new etsy shoppe, Bluebird Chic.

She sells fun accessories (I hear there is more coming soon!),
and I got to try out this cutie pie ring.

I love the way it comes packaged. Why am I such a sucker for packaging? Love it.
They are quality made. She's a mama like me, so she knows that it has to hold up (and be comfy!) to all the tasks we do all day long with our hands...
and look glamorous, while we're at it. ;)

The only bad thing about these rings is that if you have little girls,
they may want to keep them for their very own. ;)

Make sure to go check out Leah's shop on etsy, Bluebird Chic,
and her facebook fan page to keep up with all her latest product news!

Want to win one of these lovelies for yourself?
Leave me a comment about what makes you feel a little extra glamorous
and I'll draw the winner on Thursday (June 23rd) evening!


  1. oh that's too cute!! i would have to say sparkly toe nail polish!!

  2. Too Cute! I would say getting to get all dressed up to go on a date with my hubby :)--michelle

  3. What makes me feel extra glamorous? The feel of silk against my skin. Lovely!

    -Virginia B.

  4. glamorous? I'm not sure anything can do that right now! lol, however doing my nails does help a bit! ;)

  5. Leah, I am so tickled for you! I know you will do great with your shop!!
    What makes me feel glamorous? The perfect jewelry to go with my outfit!!

  6. Love that ring! I would have to say jewelry!

  7. Thanks, V!! I totally giggled when I saw the ring on the little one! ^_^

  8. the ring is beautiful~I would say freashly painted nails to go along with the ring!

  9. cute ring. a little extra glamorous...painted toes or some lip gloss

  10. camillescreations.blogspot.comJune 22, 2011 at 3:17 PM

    I love everything Leah does...thanks for a chance to win :)

  11. What makes me feel glamorous, a new pair of summer sandals...


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