Is there an easy way....

to go from tornadoes to every day life?

Definitely not. I don't think that you should,necessarily, but it's happening anyways.

There's a lot of survivor's guilt right now. I feel weird complaining about the messes in my home, because that voice in my head says, "Wow. Really? But at least you HAVE a home!"

I don't know how to go from tornado fundraisers to posting happy, scrappy stuff. It seems insensitive, or insincere.

I'm struggling with this.

BUT, but, but.... I have been creating things. It's been very therapeutic to work on things... just to put my emotions out on canvas and paper.

To see one of my creations, go check out the Lily Bee Designs blog today to see a layout I made about a dear friend of ours, Mrs. Laura. (There are giveaways going on all week, too!)


  1. I struggled with this too. The guilt that came with expressing every day things. I wrote a post about it the weekend after the storms.

  2. Virginia, I feel the same way in regards to the loss of my friend and her children. I find my boys to be a good distration so that I don't always let me emotions and thoughts get the best of me, but in those late hours that they are asleep...it feels wrong to feel "normal" and live. (((hugs))) and prayers as you continue to grieve over the devastation that has hit your area.

  3. I stumbled upon your blog and am so glad to see that your creativity provides a good outlet for your emotions. I am from Mobile, Alabama and many of our dear friends and family were affected by the tornadoes. I want to encourage you to continue what you are doing and see after Gods peace and counsel. Your sister in Christ,

  4. I've checked your blog! Such inspiring. And you have good ideas.


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