We raised over $500!!!!!!!

I wanted to update you all on the fundraiser. We have raised a little over $500! Thank you guys so much! I'll be updating y'all over the next few weeks to how the money is used.

Here's the first couple of projects we did:

A group of ladies from my church wanted to make care packages for kiddos that have been displaced because of the tornadoes, so we met last week to join our efforts.

I bought a bunch of play dough, little coloring books/sticker sets, crayons, silly bands, and barrettes/hair accessories to help contribute.
We managed to make at least 40 bags!
There was one special bag I put together for Jolie, the 6 year old I told you about the other day. Her and her mama lost their home in Hackleburg during the tornadoes. My friend Elisha from the NoelMignon message board met up with me on Saturday to pick up the backpack (and a few others) to deliver to her and some other children there.
This is what we bought for little Jolie!

-2 sundresses
-a pair of ruffly knit pants
-a t-shirt
-a black tutu skirt
-a ruffly shirt
-a hoodie jacket
-a package of undies
-a Princess mosaic craft set
-a Polly Pocket set (I was told she really missed her Polly Pockets)
-some lipgloss, hair bands, and silly bands
- a few items thrown in from my church friends: some books, a soft monkey, a water bottle, some snacks, and toothbrush/toothpaste
-Emerson gave her an extra Barbie doll of hers, along with two Barbie dresses. She also put in some notebook paper and a marker of hers, and wrote her a little note. :')

Elisha said she would try to get a picture for us of little Jolie. Thank you so much for helping us to be able to give to her.

I have some leads on a few other families that I would like to help out. I've been told that gift cards are a huge help to some people, because if they are close enough to an area like Birmingham that still has stores, they are able to go get exactly what they need. There are SO many needs around here. I also read today that some families 30 minutes up the road are in need of rubbermaid containers to start collecting their belongings in that they are digging out of the rubble of their homes. I think I'm going to go to Walmart today to grab some totes for them.

Thanks for partnering with us, my friends. I'll be shipping out purchased items today! Thank you!

ETA- okay, I won't be running to the post office or store today as I have a baby girl running a fever... so they will go out tomorrow morning!

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