Do not grow weary...

I have a friend who opens up her home once a week to the young moms at our church for a crafty day. Since between all of us moms, we have about 52bajillion children, the crafting is kind of touch and go, but I see a lot of gratitude and rest in the faces of the other moms. It's nice to know that there's kind of a haven of community in the midst of the chaos, even if I can only manage to make it there once every few weeks or so.

She quotes this verse often to us, in passing, as she bundles up one of kids or grabs a diaper bag or provides helping hands in moments of overwhelmedness, or most often in my case, as I wearily get ready to discipline after another temper tantrum or battle of wills.

She's had seven kids, so I figure she kind of knows what she's talking about.

I get weary. A lot. And I often question if I am even "doing good." But I have to remind myself that the best doing good that my kids can see in me is a mom that does fall short... that they see that I need Jesus. I fail on a regular basis. It's so easy to get focused on the failure and try to find ways to try harder. I don't need to try harder. I just need Jesus. More of Him, less of me.

Speaking of, I can't wait to read this book ("Grace for the Good Girl: Letting Go of the Try-Hard Life"). It comes out in September.Even just the book description is convicting and encouraging. :)

Not a whole lot of point to this post... just some of the thoughts bouncing around in my head today. :) Lil' Sabby is sick with another fever virus, and Ariana looks like she's starting to feel crummy, and because of that, the little girls' and I just had a laid back day. Sabs helped me paint a bench (while the Tylenol was in effect), we sung some songs together, and just kind of poked around while enjoying the sunshine.


I shared this today on the Lily Bee blog (p.s. did you see the design team call?! ACK! I hope to see some of y'all apply! They are an incredible company to work for!).

It's a mixed media canvas using the Happily Lost line of papers.


  1. Hi Virginia,
    Who makes the butterfly punch you used in this beautiful project? I've been thinking of adding one to my collection, and I really like it! Thanks so much!

  2. I love your thoughts that they need to see you needing Jesus. This is so true and such a reminder I needed this week. Thanks Virginia!

  3. Yes yes and yes. That sounds like I book I need to read, as well!! Have you heard Hillsong's song You? My fave line "The worst of me succeeded by the best of You". If you haven't heard it, just look up the lyrics!! They are awesome!! Miss you!!

  4. Weary. Weary and failing. I've been doing a LOT of that lately. So much so it starts to make me wonder when the kids are going to start thinking all this relying on Jesus really doesn't work...or momma would be failing so often. When in reality momma just needs to actually start relying on Jesus more and trying less. *sigh*

  5. Great post V.
    Amazing canvas as well.

  6. Oh man, V...your post hit home for me tonight. BIG TIME. That verse is such a great reminder that what I'm doing day-to-day is important. I've been feeling especially weary the past few weeks. I feel like I'm saying "No" and "Obey, mommy" ALL.DAY.LONG. I feel like I can barely keep up with the daily things - dishes, laundry, meals, baths, etc....let alone any extra cleaning. By the time the day is over, I'm ready to unwind with a little creative time or just drop. Weary is right! And yet, the most important focus is to teach my kids about Jesus. And what I need to do is squeeze more time in reading Bible stories or singing songs. I already know they enjoy hearing about Jesus...the way their little faces light up especially when they see pictures of baby Jesus is just precious.

    Thanks for the book recommendation! That's one I would definitely like to read. So much pressure to be a Proverbs 31 wife and mother....looks like a must read!

    And, your canvas is just AMAZING! :)


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