On my mind tonight....

-Today's Fat Tuesday.... contemplating what to give up for Lent. I think I've decided. I've only done this once before a few years ago, but I'm looking forward to this season, hoping it brings more reflection. I'm sure it'll bring up more acutely of how often I fail, and how much I need a Savior.

-Enjoying a rainy afternoon. I'm one of those peeps who could live in Seattle (or Forks, if you will). I know it's not for everyone, but man I love me some rain. Tomorrow promises to be thundery and a good soaking. I've got some chocolate chips waiting to be baked into something yummy.

-Needing some creative time. A bad headache cut into my planned time last night, and I have a meeting tonight, but hoping to squeeze in some tonight later and maybe tomorrow. I've got a new NoelMignon kit to play with, and the Girls' Paperie new releases are begging to be put to use.

-I put a bunch of stuff into the kids' consignment sale that I have shopped at/participate in the last few years. I'm excited about going shopping for some cute sundresses and fun springtime clothes next week. It's sad. I just love dressing my kiddos so much. I was thinking yesterday how that would be a really fun job- being a kids' clothing stylist for catalogs and ads. I keep making up these dreamy jobs that are some of my favorite parts of motherhood...

Birthday party planner, children's clothing stylist, girls' hair stylist, young adult librarian.... :) hee! (And just for the record, it's not because I think I'm awesome at any of those things- I just enjoy them!)

-Random cuteness of this girly:

She and I struggle a lot. I pray for this one and with this one probably the most. Parenting brings me to my knees metaphorically and physically most days... with my own failures to meeting my kids' needs, all the time. I am humbled so many times by the grace my own kids show me with their unconditional love.

-I used up some scraps from old NoelMignon kits for the newest challenge:

(Made with the Dear Diary & Sonoma County kits and my Silhouette machine)

(Made with the Very Virginia kit and my Silhouette machine)


  1. I love this post from you today and I was wondering where you have been. You have a certain way of reminding me to humble myself before Jesus and fall to my knees. I just love you! Thank you for my reminder of who I need most in my life and who I always neglect first...Jesus.

  2. thank you for sharing what you do. you are a wonderful momma for your children. and being honest with yourself is such a true gift for your family.

  3. Truer words were never spoken......I think moms everywehere feel this way....or at least I do much of the time! Your girl is absolutely adorable! And I think your cards are beautiful! miss ya girl!


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