Laundry/Routine Discovery

I have had a new secret weapon to my daily routines in my house for three weeks now. I've been waiting to share with y'all until I thought it actually worked.

So every morning, I used to get up, clean in the kitchen, wash the dishes, pick up around the house, etc. It was my morning routine. I would try to clean the kitchen sometimes right after dinner but 1)that's pretty much the craziest time of day in my house and 2)it would still get messy in the evening and I'd have a mess to deal with in the morning.

On top of this, the laundry has been a constant source of chagrin for me over the years.

I've never quite had a handle on it.

It would overwhelm me to the point of having 5 or more loads to contend with. Not to mention the putting away of said clothes. The laundry was always a task that needed a couple of hours, preferably kid free.

I share all of this because I'm imagining there are other moms out there like me who struggle with this. I'm hoping this will help because it has been revolutionary for me. For the first time since I've had kids, I feel like I'm in control of my laundry- it doesn't control me.

(Yes, I'm a wee bit dramatic. You should know this by now.)

So, one day, I decided to consult an expert in the laundry field, aka one of my friends who I know is kind of OCD about her laundry. If you are ever struggling in one of your homemaking skills, just ask whoever you know is kind of crazy about it (in a good way) and you are likely to get some very good advice! hee

She said the way she views her laundry is as the "timer" for every other task she needs to get done. Since she is an early bird, she gets up at 5, does a load of laundry, has her coffee, does her other household chorse, and then has the load dried & folded by the time her kids get up at 6:45. They have to put away their laundry. And her chores are all mostly done for the day.

This was crazy talk to me because 1) I never had looked at my laundry as the thing to time all of my other activities with and 2) I don't get up at the bum-crack of dawn.

So I adjusted her tips to fit for me.

Every night, once the kiddos are in bed, I start the load of laundry from that day. I go about my regular evening (scrapbooking, etc.) and then once the hubs goes to bed, I start them in the dryer. While they're drying, I wash the dishes, clean the kitchen, and tidy up around the house. Then I fold the clothes. In the morning, the kiddos have to come get their clothes and put them away after breakfast. I feel fresh and ready to go with our day because I don't have a bunch of chores waiting for me when I get up.

And since we are doing the laundry like this, it's usually only a couple of items per kiddo, and they can put them in their drawers all by themselves!

All that to say: sometimes it's just changing the way you think about something to help you overcome it. It's silly that laundry has been such an overwhelming thing for me for so long, but I can happily say that it's not a big deal anymore. It's just one more little task in my day!


  1. This made me laugh. I am so OCD about my laundry! I have trained my kiddos that darks, whites and towels all go in different baskets. When I am home during the day (usually 3 days a week) I am constantly doing laundry and putting it away. As soon as my dryer buzzes my kids (3 and 1) yell "MOM, WASH!" I love this system because I don't have to sort putting stuff away either! (EVERYTHING that can be hung gets hung in my house. I HATE to fold! Even 1 year old has all shirts hung.)

  2. I love when you post something that I struggle with, too - but then I almost feel bad for struggling because I only have one kid - you're blessed with much more laundry than me!! (i know it's not a blessing, but the kids sure are!) I've started trying to get a better hold on my laundry, too. I try to get as much done as I can so that there isn't any left on the weekend. It's getting better - I just have to make myself go do it. The whole timer for other chores intrigues me. I usually just go back upstairs and play on Facebook until the washer stops!! :D Right now, all that's dirty is what we're wearing!!

  3. Hmmmm ... but how to get the Hubs to put his away?! Or turn his socks right side out? Or put ALL of his clothes in the hamper instead of half in hamper, half strewn across the bedroom floor?

    Growing up laundry was fun because folding clothes was our 'play time' with Ma, because she had bad knees - she couldn't actually play with us. I've always loved to dump fresh from the dryer clothes onto a bed and leap into them ... the warmth just makes me giddy!

    Laundry used to be a headache to me because I would leave it until we (Hubs & I) had zero undies and socks left, then do several loads at once. With University and taking care of the rest of the cooking, cleaning, dog, etc etc, the clean clothes would stack up.

    Now, I also do the timer thing. 45 for wash - while washing I clean kitchen & tidy house. *beep* Switch clothes into dryer & new load in washer - clean the bathrooms and play with dog. *beep* fold clothes while watching crappy daytime tv!

    Since I started a routine, laundry has been less of a headache.

    Thanks for such a fun (and Real) post!!

  4. Oh - what a fab idea! Thank you for sharing! My kids are 20 and 17 and I still have a TON of laundry!

  5. i do it so different just because i iron everything before it gets put away. So i tend to put the washing on when i get up in the morning, and it washes while im getting ready for the day then i hang it out and bring it back in when i get home to iron. sometimes i set my washer on timer so that it comes on at 6am ready to be hung out when i get up at 7
    also i always clear away my kitchen as soon as dinner over, i do all the lunches then too so that i dont have to clear up twice. i never go to bed with a messy kitchen /lounge etc as it puts me behind the next day. im very OCD though

  6. That sounds like a great routine for you. The part I'm most jealous of is the scrapbooking in the evenings. I can't manage that - usually just too tired! But is sounds wonderful.

    My laundry gets out of control too - in volume of what is on the guest room bed clean but needing to be folded and put away. I think it is a common issue for women, especially those of us with jobs and kids.

  7. I am going to pass this along to my dear daughter, who has this challenge with 3 boys. And she is always stressed about the laundry. On the other hand, now that there is only my hubby and myself,I only have 3 loads a week. There is relieve, one day it will get better. But I do remember trying to work, clean, cook and laundry a few years back, it was very stressful.

  8. I have tried this and it seems to work some of the time...my main problem is I can get the kids to do it, but then they ask me "Why do we have to put our clothes away and daddy doesn't?" When he heard that he was better for a little while but has gotten lazy again(he also thinks that since i am a SAHM that it is my job to do it for him,but I will be going back to work soon, so that needs to change)

  9. Isn't it nice to find something that works great in your home with your family? Its always so freeing!

  10. I designate one day every week for each persons laundry. For example, Mondays are for hubs clothes and bed linens. Wednesdays are for the furbabies linens. Thursdays are for mine. Fridays for towels and other house linens. . . I love doing laundry, i sit on the bed folding it while watching t.v. It's very soothing and relaxing to my body and soul.

  11. I designate one day every week for each persons laundry. For example, Mondays are for hubs clothes and bed linens. Wednesdays are for the furbabies linens. Thursdays are for mine. Fridays for towels and other house linens. . . I love doing laundry, i sit on the bed folding it while watching t.v. It's very soothing and relaxing to my body and soul.


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