Today, we...

tried to get some impromptu shots of the kiddos all on the bed (for posterity's sake)...

but it quickly disintegrated into this:
but I did get this sweet shot
and this one

(I'm also trying to remember this quote from one of my very favorite bloggers:

"To all digital camera mommies everywhere: Make sure you are living and not merely photographing living."

Good stuff, good stuff. However, not really the point of this post- I am digressing.)

I also did much sorting of little girl clothing. As many of my facebook friends know now from my lamenting, I believe that it multiplies on its own. Also, I love that the picture above has a random cowboy gun holster in it. Heh

Taking after her OCD mama, I asked Emerson (almost 5) to sort some baby spoons into a little wire basket. Instead, she reorganized our whole silverware drawer. I wish I had before pictures. It was a disaster beforehand.
And like her mama, she gazed lovingly at the order she had created once she was finished. Then she tried to show it off & explain her system to her very uninterested brother. It was like deja vu.
This little one (who turned 6 months this weekend!!!) tried rice cereal for the first time.
She was intrigued.
Then, after that long day, I needed a little creative time, so I did some of this.And those are just a few glimpses of our day. :)


  1. So sweet! I have a pile of 3 little boys, so this is a familiar sight! :) My youngest is 5.5 months... almost the same as your little girl! Kiddos are such a gift!

  2. I am cracking up at Emerson's silverware drawer! I often find that Ayla has reorganized her toys to new containers and then she tells me all about her new system and where things "go". Perhaps I've rubbed off on her a little *too* much! I'll just consider that to be a trait I'm GLAD she's inherited. It could be (and probably will be) so much worse! :) Job well done E! SO many mom's would hire out for services like that!

  3. too cute!!! I need to do some of that sorting of clothes too. Oh a side note...Kessa is sitting on my lap as I read this and when she saw the pictures of the clothes everywhere she said, "Their room is a MESS!" hehe!

  4. Precious! The girls and I loved seeing the everyday shots (and C wants to know when we can play again). LOVE those Ariana pics trying cereal! So angelic! :D Have a good day!

    from SK:
    hhhhhk j k m,mkjujnhuuuuuuuu0ikokikkkkkkkkkkkuoioojui

  5. Love the photos of the kids. I am amazed you get 4 to cooperate so well, I can't get 2 to look at the camera :).

    I know what you mean on the kids clothes. We just did a clean out of the boys clothing last weekend to make room for spring and summer clothes. I wonder where it all comes from.

  6. I could have peed my pants laughing at the story about Emerson. LOL! That is awesome. I love the picture of her looking at the drawer and can completely visualize her trying to explain the system to Atticus. Hilarious!

  7. sounds like a great day! love the cute pics!

  8. 6 months already...STOP IT!!!
    girl she is so stinking cute....
    mason is my ocd one..melana is just my free spirit, don't give a care about how messy anything is.. {deep sigh}

  9. hahaha, love the reorganizing of the entire drawer...that's classic :D

  10. Ari looks like a Gerber Baby. So pretty!!! Also, the look Em has on her face where she is showing off her drawer, looks EXACTLY like you. You make that same look.

  11. Your kids are so cute! love your everyday pics!

  12. I adore the everyday kinda shots! Keep 'um coming! They're what life is all about.

  13. Sweet pics! I'm constantly having to remind myself to enjoy life a little more instead of always trying to photograph it. =)


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